How it works the Electric stabilizer?

Electric stabilizer it’s a three-phase electric saving unit for stores, bars, offices and any business with an electrical consumption over 500€ billing. It is distinguished by powers ranging from 10 kw to 1000kw. This device not only allow you to save 20% to 35% of your electric consumption, also, eliminates almost 100% of the reactive energy of your bill.

Another function by which you must install the Electric stabilizer in your business, is that stabilizes the electric flow, reducing that way the fluctuations that can damage the motors of your consumables of your business. Eliminates the “micro-cuts” that it´s another advantage of our device, that being the electric distributor of your store avoids the sudden stops of your informatized machines.

The high-low voltage power alters the use and operation of electrical appliances, when this happens it produces a waste of electricity and a high cost in your energy bill, for this, our product was created.