Energy Saver !

Better than capacitor banks, a device that will stabilize voltage spikes, lengthen the life of electrical appliances and will save you, not an expense.

You will save much more than what you have to pay, in addition you have to pay absolutely nothing until after confim the electric saving in your energy bill. We installed it without any cost

We do a study without commitment, comprehensive and personalized advice so that you do not pay so much for electricity, we have authorized electricians throughout Spain.

We are a solid and sustainable company, Softenergy.

Self financing and method of Payment

Softenergy and it’s financial area do not charge interes or assembly, so the given price by our commercial department, will be respected anytime and that price includes V.A.T.

For any question, contact us throught chat, a phone call or our contact page, also you can send us directly the bill, that way we can do a study without commitment of what you will save using “Electric saver”


Attach your bill

We will send you a study without commitment of what you will save using Electric Saver

Legal information

Responsible: Andrea Fernanda Sylvestre Manede.

Purpose: Send the required information by email

Legitimation: Your consent to accept the agreement and policies.

Recipient: SoftEnergia S.L. corporate email.

Client rights: deletion (right to be forgotten), limitation of treatment, opposition and not being subject to automated individualized decisions (including the creation of profiles).

Why to acquire our Electric Saver?

  • Reduce the demand of the power line and gets a guaranteed saving percentage til 35%
  • Extends the useful life of your electric devices til 5 years
  • Prevents electric devices being damaged for electrical voltage spike
  • it pays for itself from a part of what you save, the rest will be benefits for you
  • it has a useful life longer than 12 years, without need of maintenance